Advanced sail training tools at your finger tips

If you would like all the resources you need to move your sailing abilities to new heights then look no further than YachtBot Advance. All the sail training components you need to run a great training session.

The best training experience

YachtBot Advanced is for sailors and coaches to assess with training sessions. This plan allows sailors to compare themselves with more boats and sessions while having higher levels of accuracy. YachtBot Advanced enables a group of sailors to come together both on and off the water with the YachtBot Hub. The ability to have more sessions on the YachtBot Hub allows coaches and sailors to actually see what happened and immediately learn from their mistakes. YachtBot Advanced looks to increase the learning trajectory of sailors.

Get YachtBot Advanced

YachtBot Advanced Checklist

  • GPS tracking
  • YachtBot Hub
  • Compare more sessions.
  • Add more boats, buoys and wind devices.
  • High accuracy.
  • Share sailing sessions with your friends, family or coach.