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Want to increase you learning trajectory when sailing? Just sign up for a YachtBot account today. Within seconds, you will be able to track your sailing sessions and share them with your friends and family. How does that sound?

Improve your sailing experience

YachtBot Free is the base version available to sailors. It has been developed for sailors to experience the product how their sailing can be improved and create some fun competition among friends. YachtBot Free enables users to register one device for live tracking. YachtBot Mobile is available to be used on this plan with a transmission rate of one way point every 10 seconds. It allows the user to view one of their sailing sessions on the YachtBot Hub and add a maximum of three boats and buoys in that session. The YachtBot Social feature is also available for user to share their sessions with friends, family or coach.

Spectator vision

The YachtBot Free account is also perfect for spectators. The account allows a user to view public races and have friends share their live or past sessions with them to watch online. Watching sailing has never been as exciting. With YachtBot you can watch races live at the club house or at home with the added analysis components.


Awareness out on the water is paramount among sailors, YachtBot Free allows observers on land to be more informed of your situation out on the water and allows you to be more self aware when watching sessions.

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YachtBot Free Checklist

  • GPS tracking
  • YachtBot Hub - watch live, playback and analysis online
  • Share sailing sessions with your friends, family or coach.