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Watch racing now

What is YachtBot?

From your mobile phone or YachtBot Tracker

YachtBot records GPS and heart rate right from your mobile phone, or YachtBot Tracker, and lets you watch your races online. It’s simple and automatic, one button is all it takes to get going. Share with the world and let them watch the action live, or review and analyse later.

To your web browser or tablet

Watch your races live, or review them anytime. YachtBot works right in your browser so you have the freedom to work anywhere and anytime, even from your phone or tablet. Want to see how it would look? Watch the demo, check out what other YachtBot users have been doing above, or and just get started.


The YachtBot system has been really beneficial for the work we do with high performance sailing. The immediate access to data and the integration of multiple signals into a single platform has greatly streamlined the feedback of information to coaches and sailors, as well as opening up new ways in which we are able to use the data.

Simon Pearson Performance and Technique Analyst, HPSNZ

At Royal Brighton Yacht Club we have used other tracking services but they have not been suitable for us for week in, week out club racing. With YachtBot, the ability for club members to use their phone as their tracking device, plus the ease of use of the software and affordability of the offering makes YachtBot the perfect tracking solution for us.

Eric Wegman General Manager, Royal Brighton Yacht Club, Melbourne

The cutting edge tracking technology developed by YachtBot has revolutionised the services we are able to deliver to our clients and we believe their inventiveness, energy and commitment is unmatched anywhere in the world marketplace.

Tommasina Kay Television Producer, Proactive TV, UK

That interface is COOL. It made me miss my 14 a lot. Really interesting to see the heart rates climb in a tack and then level off and how the physiological response to 'boat stress' works. This is good stuff!

Marcus Ward Customer Support Representative, TrainingPeaks

2019-07-21T21:34:22Z 23a202628a18

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