Secure live data streaming and cloud storage for developers

The Igtimi API is a cloud development system that helps you deploy live data applications to market faster.

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Live Data

Streaming data using web sockets, gives your application access to data that is happening now!.


Powerful security model that keeps your data safe, but also let you control which users have access to what data. Empower your users by allowing them to share data to others. Give access to data that hasn’t been created yet.


Data storage enables a seamless experience from viewing live streaming data to rewind and view historical data.


Igtimi have the YachtBot tracker, YachtBot Bio and YachtBot mobile app integrated into the API. Please contact us if you would like to integrate more hardware into the Igtimi API.


The API is used extensively for live water sports tools. for on-line Sailing viewer. Virtual Eye for 3D Graphics used for television and internet coverage of Sailing Events. X-Cats for their race boat timing system. Several Olympic training institutions use the API for access to raw training data.

Other Industries

The Igtimi API has be proven in the fields of real-time sailing and power boating. The API has been developed to be expandable into other fields of remote monitoring industries and other tracking applications.

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